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My Speakers April 22, 2006

Posted by sufana in Apple.

Today in the morning the DHL guy came to the office and gave me a box .. the box was black & white with a beautiful apple logo shining on it 😀 😀

iPod Hi-Fi

My Friend Louly got me the iPod Hi-Fi speakers from London & send it to me via DHL 😀 😀 .. We turned the office today into a night club 😉 sooooooot al speakers RAHEEEEEEEEB Masha allah specially with Techno & Buddha Bar 😛



1. ibrahim - April 22, 2006

ab`3aaaaaa >: (

(1000 mbroook)

2. Sufana - April 23, 2006

الله يبارك فيك 🙂
نورت بلوقي 😀

3. Abady - April 23, 2006


على فكرة البلوغ حلو

4. Louly - April 23, 2006

testahli aktar mn keda … ..
well i couldn’t stop thinking about my lovely friend toootey when i saw HI-FI … since am not living in jeddah anymore so i got 2 , one for me and another one for her, the guy was like r u getting 2 .. one s more than enough … so i told him that am buying the other one for my friend .. so he was like i can be ur friend from this moment plz get me one 😛 ..
he was so nice ..
but mu kull a7ad toootey .. enjoy ya 7ayati

5. gmr14 - April 26, 2006

1000 mabrooook

but i’m really wondered!!!
how could you turn the office to a “night club” at work time..?!!
where is your boss???

just kidding..

6. sufana - April 28, 2006

Louly 😀
Thank you very much sweety you made my day .. Oh sorry not day DAYZ 🙂
& next time you see the guy tell him to shut up coz he’s working in Apple Store 😛
Thnx again sweety

we turned the office into a night club for few minutes 3ashan la tejena shakwa 😉
& My Boss was out of the country 😛

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