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New SE August 6, 2006

Posted by sufana in Tech.


Am planning to get the K610i, its 3G mobile with 2.0 MP Camera .. I just saw it in Tahlia Center 🙂 Raheeeeeeeeeeeeb .. Small & Slim in a Classic design 😉 & its not even expensive 🙂
but the problem is that they only got the silver & I want the Red 😦 Gatalni al red, I guess I’ll have to wait 😦



1. Hayfa - August 7, 2006

The Problem It Has No FLASH for the Camera.

2. Hayfa - August 7, 2006

and it has a small screen when i think about changing my phone i look for an upgrade not a downgrade, the phone that you have is better than the K610.
and about the 3G i have a 3G phone never thought about using it.
for me i am thinking about the K800 or W850

and about the prices SonyEricsson always have reasonable prices not like STUPID Nokia.

3. Hayfa - August 7, 2006
4. sufana - August 7, 2006

Hayfa, As you know I have 2 SIM cards “Mobily & STC” i’ll still be using the W800i but am thinking of selling the S700i … So i dont really care about the Camera Flash ..
if i was thinking of upgrading then I would’ve choose the K800i but I think its big & I want something Small coz am walking with 2 mobiles & now i’ll be having a 3rd MBL 4 work 😦

I agree used to agree about the STUPID Nokia .. but from now on you cannot talk about Nokia infront of me check this out http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/business/5093536.stm 😉

5. MiLyAnI - August 8, 2006

i think i will get it , dose any one know how much it cost , apple , didint annopunce the iphone 😦

6. sufana - August 8, 2006

Milyani its 1059 SR 🙂

7. MiLyAnI - August 8, 2006

wallah very good price , thank u

8. Hayfa - August 8, 2006

What ever Nokia or Siemens do after SonyEricsson there is no other Company as good as them in Mobile Phones, they are always ahead and with reasonable prices. Siemens is so far away they don’t have any new stuff they are always the same even Motorola.
The same menu ugly screen resolution bad design.
I used to like Siemens and Motorola but there is only ONE SONYERICSSON.

9. sufana - August 8, 2006

Hayfa 9alli 3al nabi 🙂 I agree SE is the best MBL ever, i was just teasing u with Nokia Siemens 😉
Milyani Mabrook Mogaddaman … I asked more than 1 mbl shop & they all didnt here about the red k610 😦 so I guess i’ll go for the silver

10. Hayfa - August 9, 2006

Ask your friend Ola may be she can find it in The UK, in the UK they have a third color and its Black.


11. sufana - August 9, 2006

louly … can you check plz if u have the red k610i???!!!

12. sufana - August 12, 2006

I just bought the Silver K610i 🙂 The camera is not that gr8 but what is important to me is that its slim 😀 …

Mabrook 3alayya …

13. Hayfa - August 14, 2006

Mabrooook allah yideeki 5eero we yikfeeki sharo.

14. sufana - August 14, 2006

Ameeeeen ya rab thnx Hayfa 🙂 but I want to try the 3G 😦 leeeh mo kol al naas 3endahom 😦

15. Hayfa - August 14, 2006

Because they will pay money to have it and you will change your sim-card, and i think because they don’t need it.
It is nice for people who have relatives in another city or out of the country.

16. sufana - August 14, 2006

if you’re mobily subscriber u dnt need to change ur card & they wont charge you 😉
I just called them & they activated the service or free 🙂
Marra astahweeet mobily 🙂 … but I guess I cannot call one of the STC subscriber’s if am using mobily & vise versa 😦 am nt sure

17. eso_cashmoney - August 15, 2006

i have k800 today >>>>i think its better then k610

3momaan mabrooooooky 3laya we 3aleeke

18. sufana - August 15, 2006

🙂 Mabroook eso_cachmoney … My sister & 2 of my friends got the k800 the only difference between those k610 & k800 is the Camera k800’s camera is much more better … but the rest of the features r the same …

by the way yesterday I tried calling my sis by vedio call & guess what 🙂 it worked she has STC sim card & am using the mobily sim 🙂 🙂 marra 3ajbni al 3g

19. Hayfa - September 22, 2006

The Red k610i is now available here in 3azeez Mall.

20. sufana - September 23, 2006

Yeah I heard .. I guess iza 3ajabni alred 1 ill go & exchange 🙂
Thnx Hayfa

21. Sufana - September 29, 2006

I just saw the Red 1 😦
Bsara7a mo mara 3ajabne .. My silver is better 🙂

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