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Prison Break September 9, 2006

Posted by sufana in TV Shows.


Since Most of my friends are Prison Break’s fan, I decided to write a post & dedicated to my friend Hayfa elle she always update us be Season 2 episodes & PB Gossips 😉



1. Hayfa - September 9, 2006

Thank You so much Sufana, you now I Love My PB.
and please I want to always see u on the iChat even if u r away, I was worried and afraid because i did not have my mobile (a long story) and did not have my computer so I struggled to get your number.

You r a good friend and I am so glad that I found a friend like you.

2. sufana - September 9, 2006

:$ I Blushed .. Wallahe Thnx Hayfa I dnt know what to say .. but If I knew innk 7ateglagi kan katabt Comment or sent u a msg awwal ma fasal al DSL 😉

3. Hayfa - September 9, 2006

Yes Please always do, and did u fix your DSL problem.

4. sufana - September 9, 2006

No Not Yet 😦
Am waiting for the STC Guy to come & check if there is a problem .. Ad3ele

5. Hayfa - September 9, 2006

This is nice u can watch the episodes on-line.


6. Hayfa - September 9, 2006

I will but did u try to activate the account Cyberia r one of the companies that u should activate the account before using it.

7. sufana - September 9, 2006

No I dont have to activate the account, as soon as you connect to the internet it will automaticlly activate it

8. sufana - September 10, 2006

Am back 🙂 & am downloading the 3rd episode hopefully ill c it 2morow insha allah 🙂

9. Hayfa - September 10, 2006

Insha allah U will love it.

10. sufana - September 13, 2006

Am now downloading Episode 4

11. Hayfa - September 13, 2006

Good i Hope u liked it, I Loved it.

12. Hayfa - October 17, 2006

PB will be bac on 23 of October sooooo sad

13. namo - February 4, 2007

ilove prison break and ihope tosee the 16th episode

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