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Girls=Apple December 4, 2006

Posted by sufana in General Stuff.

——- —–are like apples——————-
——– on trees. The best ones———–
——are at the top of the tree.——–
—-The boys dont want to reach——
—for the good ones because they ——
-are afraid of falling and getting hurt.—-
Instead, they just get the rotten apples-
—from the ground that aren’t as good,
but easy. So the apples at the top think
-something is wrong with them, when in
–reality, they’re amazing. They just
—have to wait for the right boy to——-
—– come along, the one who’s———–
———– brave enough to—————–
—————–climb all———————-
—————– the way———————
—————–to the top——————–
—————- of the tree.——————



1. obey - December 4, 2006

The best ones———–
——are at the top of the tree.——–

i like you GIRLS

2. Mohamed A. Milyani - December 4, 2006

In the begining i Thougt that you are going to say Girls=Apple (as an Apple Macntoosh)
I get relaxe when i read the rest … Girls like Apple 🙂 but for sure they are not like Apple Mac ;p

3. sufana - December 4, 2006

I knew that Mac lovers will get excited from the Subject 😉
& I was right 🙂

4. SoZoSo - December 4, 2006

lool thnx god!! me either…! thought it was an Apple Mac. thing! whn ever I’m not using it… I never forget that MAC essay in the persuasive essay from the English exam, I never preferred for a writing thing before an exam, so the subject in the exam was to advetise something, last thing I read was about some differences between Win. & Mac.!! I wrote about it the time I was about to BOMB from this mac. thing!! kollo minnik ya Eso Cash… waaaa2!! hehe anyways i’m rising the flag of an apple with win colors! 5555

5. بندر - December 4, 2006

ههههههه …

يعني بالعربي ..

البنت الطيبة .. تفاحة ماكنتوش
البنت السيئة .. تفاحة مخمجة

على فكرة ..

ماكنتوش .. هو إسم أفخر أنواع التفاح الأمريكي …

يعني البنت الطيبة .. ماكنتوش .. بس ماكنتوش ثلاجات الشربتلي

6. sufana - December 5, 2006

مو الماك إبداع و فن و إلي يجربه يدمن عليه 😉

7. زهير - December 5, 2006

يذكرني هذا الكلام بالرجل المفلس الذي اطلق ان القناعة كنز لا يفنى


طبعا الكلام صحيح بالنسبة للبنات
وليس صحيحا تماما بالنسبه للاولاد
فالولد يبحث عن السهله للعلاقات العابرة ولكنه يبحث عن الصعبه للارتباط

8. Bouganvilla - February 4, 2007


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