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iPhone Ring January 24, 2007

Posted by sufana in Apple.

I just found the iPhone Ring Tone that Steve used in the Keynote from Mac4arabs

You can download the word document I’ve attached & then download the zipped file inside it 😛 .. It was the only way to upload the file using wordpress 🙂

Enjoy your iPhone Ring 



1. Mohamed A. Milyani - January 24, 2007

no no no

u had to wait for iPhone

no cheating 😦

2. sufana - January 24, 2007

iPhone will be availabe in 2008 Milyani
Something is Better than nothing 😉
As if did not use it as a ringtone 😛

3. esraa.$ - January 25, 2007

سبحان الله

تصدقي اليوم شفتها في نفس الموقع و كنت ناويه بعد الإختبار أنزلها

لكن طلعت من نصيبك …… يالله ماهي مشكله كلنا واحد

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